Spencer is really great to work with. He sees the whole picture from visual design to how the user interaction needs to be constructed.

He manages to explain issues in a way anyone can understand, and has had a huge influence helping me develop my understanding of web design.

Dr Laurie Young - Scrum Master, New Bamboo

We needed every one of our core site pages to be usable on a mobile by the busy Christmas shopping season.

These pages are the product of many years of incremental tweaks, and so are hardly paragons of clean HTML, CSS, or user experience design - but there was no time for refactoring or redesigning.

Heavies joined our team, working both remotely and on-site to find clever ways to keep our pages working while making them as responsive as possible. We couldn't have met our deadline without this crucial help from Heavies

Douglas Squirrel, CTO, Secretsales.com

Bottomline Technologies Europe engaged with Spencer and Steve to deliver a workshop and subsequent coaching on a UX process, which was to enable us to become educated and empowered to attack a UX overhaul of a major set of our Products. The workshop ran for two days and involved many people in our organisation, from Marketing, Support, Development and Product Management. The first day's workshop was a gentle introduction to UX and its difference to UI or "page design" which got everyone involved in low-fidelity exercises which were both educational and more so, fun. We then moved onto the key facet of Pragmatic Persona discovery and modelling which was a great shift in our thinking patterns and was a real game changer for my team. The day ended with a number of these Personas completed and presented to the group.

The second day of the workshop zoomed onto an elaboration of a couple of key scenarios for a couple of these Personas. That focus then became on the flow of "what the Persona was trying to accomplish" and then as a team, working on how that might be achieved. This was again very interactive and collaborative with Spencer and Steve both leading the sessions and also participating as part of the team - this really worked well.

The outcome of our workshop was a greater appreciation and understanding of key aspects of commencing our UX journey. We then carried on internally with that journey as a team and the net result was a great new UX on our Product, the main concept of which was actually produced by someone from our Marketing team, NOT, development!

Dr. Mike Williams - Chief Software Architect & Head of Development EMEA, Bottomline Technologies

I worked with Spencer on UX/UI for our new product release. Initially a general workshop, then one to one coaching on aspects of user experience including interface design. Spencer has a wealth of knowledge and an eye for detail that makes a difference between a good and a great user interface. Anyone looking at creating or refreshing a user interface would absolutely benefit from working with Spencer and Steve.

Martin Weller - Product Manager, Bottomline Technologies

Having just launched our site with Eden Development, our business was at significant risk when they put themselves into administration. It was however pleasing to take a phone call from Spencer and Steve and find out that they were setting up Heavies. Despite the inevitable turbulence of the transition period, Heavies have provided a responsive service to us and have supported Coach in a Box with problem fixes and upgrades which has seen our rate of exceptions drop significantly.

It is a relief to know that our system is in safe hands and it has been a pleasure to be working with Heavies whilst they get their business set up. There is a real feeling of partnership between both businesses with the clear intention from both parties of establishing a long term working relationship.

Will Stokely - Coach in a Box

I have to say I particularly enjoyed Spencer's UX course. His approach really helped me to understand my customer better and turn requirements gathering into more of a pleasure than a necessary evil.

We were lucky enough to have one of our customers present during the course. Spencer was great at helping all of us to work cohesively together to drive out what was important. He presented us with a few excellent techniques that were easy to learn, fun and effective. With these tools we were able to get a deeper understanding of important concepts in the domain of our customer which is so important to delivering software that matters.

A lot of the course involved drawing which I was at first quite apprehensive about, having not drawn anything since my school days. Spencer taught me how I could draw effectively and simply with a few simple techniques that really helped make my pictures stand out and look pretty. I now love to draw which is something I thought I would never say.

The course gave me a lot of food for thought and I came away with a better appreciation of my clients needs. I have recently started to do my own research so I can continue to improve my UX skill set. Spencer's course was a big part of what set me down this path.

Thomas Brand - Developer, Lyagushka

The awesome Corey Haines and Sarah Gray - offering some embarassingly nice praise about working with Spencer.

It was great fun working with Corey and Sarah, and it really showed how remote UX can deliver useful results.

Sarah Gray and Corey Haines - MercuryApp